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YOUR CHANCE to improve your health and Wellbeing at work!

Your views, thoughts and ideas are needed in order to make positive improvements and changes here at The College of Animal Welfare.

The College would like to help improve the health and well-being of its employees by ensuring a healthier, safer and supportive working environment. In order to do this, we would like employees to complete this questionnaire so that we can identify the key issues and develop an action plan around these.

All your answers and comments will remain completely confidential, however we would appreciate you identifying the Centre you are at to allow us to investigate opportunities identified in your area.

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What three activities of the following would you be interested in trying if the College were able to offer access to them?
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What reasons would stop you from taking part in physical activity and healthy living? Please tick all of those that apply
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What three things do you think the College could do to help you improve your personal health and wellbeing? Please rate- 1) as your first choice, 2) as your second and 3) as your third choice
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Would you be interested in any of the following health promotion activities?
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What information can the College provide that will help you live healthier lives?
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How can the College inform you what initiatives we are investing in to help you with healthy options and to let you know what we have to offer?
Do you know anyone who can help us run activities or are you interested yourself in helping us?
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Would you like to see healthier food options available in the Centres?
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Do you smoke?
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Are you interested in help to quit smoking sessions?
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How do you get to work?
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Would you be interested in cycle to work scheme?
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Do you have any medical conditions that you think we can help with? (Optional)
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Please specify
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What are your main hobbies and interests?
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Would you be interested in family activities?
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Which activities?
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What three wellbeing priorities would you like to see the College focus on first? Please list these in the order of priority.
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Please identify the Centre you are working from:
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