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Experience of Learning and using the CAW VLE Questionnaire


We would like to ask you to complete this questionnaire which will help the academic staff at the College of Animal Welfare understand how well your learning needs are supported by the College of Animal Welfare VLE. The information that you provide will help the College improve teaching and learning through better provision of learning resources using the VLE.


We very much hope that you will be complete this questionnaire as accurately as possible before the 15th March 2019.

We also hope that some of you will be willing to talk to us about your experiences at a later time in the year.


 Thank you!


Data Protection

This information is collected by a research team working independently from your teaching staff. We assure you that all the information we collect will be used only for the purpose of improving the use of the College of Animal Welfare VLE and will be kept confidential to the research team itself: It will not be released to anybody else outside of the College.


According to the data protection act we have to ask you sign the following declaration.

I agree that this information, and the data collected from me, may be held and processed by the research team for the purpose of research.
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What is your gender?
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What are you studying?
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How are you studying?
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Do you own a web enabled device?

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How confident do you feel in using the VLE?

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How would you describe your IT skills?

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How accessible was the online enrolment /application process?

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In your opinion how quick was the online enrolment /application process to use?

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Were you notified at all stages of the application/enrolment process how your application was progressing?

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How often do you use the VLE?
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