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MDX Research - Clinical Coach

Clinical Coaches involved in Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Assessment
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What has been your experience of using OSCEs as a mode of assessment?

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What role have you had in OSCE assessment?

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What are your thoughts on the requirements of a Clinical Coach to perform this effectively and fairly?

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Do you think that you have been prepared for your role as a Clinical Coach to support students with the OSCEs? If Yes, how?  If No, what preparation would you have wanted?

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Are you aware of how students are prepared for this type of assessment?

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What techniques do you use for preparing students undergoing OSCE assessment?

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What are your criteria for an acceptable/appropriate performance?

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What quality assurance processes are you aware of that are in place for this type of assessment?

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Are there any barriers that you believe preclude a student from performing well in OSCE style assessment?

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What are your views in relation to OSCE as a method of assessment? (Tick those you believe are applicable)

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What strategies do you use to enhance the performance of students?

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What do you feel is the best method to assess students practically against the Day 1 competencies?

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How do you believe the OSCE style assessment prepares students for practice?

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